Offer Multiple Options for the Employer for Outsourcing




The voice of the customer drives everything, listening very      carefully to our business partner's needs and the potential candidate's desires.


Continuous Improvement !!


Headsnminds      network      across markets to access the right talent     operations processes to provide the foundation for efficiency and      innovation.




Our      extensive experience, combined with creativity, allows us to continually introduce      breakthrough products, services and processes.


Diversity Hiring!!

WIT (Women In Technology)

When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen. Professional careers leap forward. That's what Women in Technology is all about. As we at Headsnminds, understand the  association for women in the technology industry, we understand the unique challenges you face. No matter where you are in your professional development, or what technology-related field you're in, 


Have You Reached!!

 We don't attempt to fill jobs.  We endeavour to add meaning to every individual's life 


Employing the Best People!!

 We are passionate about recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent available – people who use their skills, creativity and integrity to develop innovative ways to meet customer needs.


Direct Sourcing

 Hire the candidate directly on your pay roll as a full time employee 


 Engage talented candidates for you or your customers through a sub-contracting model that allows you the flexibility to retain candidates only for the required duration 

Contract to Hire

Engage the candidate as sub-contractor for a period of time. 

Transfer the candidate from the sub-contracting role to a full time employee on your payroll 

Industry Domain

Information Technology

Investment Banking

Pharmaceutical Services

Telecom Services

Financial Services

Engineering Services