Employees Make Organization, Not An Organization Makes Employee!!!

headsnminds Consultants Understands This Fact And Brings Innovative Human Resources Solutions For You!!!

Since 2006, premium companies have sought assistance from headsnminds Consultants Private Limited for innovative and strategic recruitment solutions. Our unique service portfolio allows us to fulfill the distinct employment requirements for your esteemed organization across all industry and business verticals. We render genuine, appropriate and reliable talent pool for IT/ ITES, Banking, KPO & Telecom Industry.

Why Hire Diversity??

When we think of Recruitment, we think of reaching out and communicating to your future employee where they live and breathe. That means we go beyond what's been done (and overdone). We constantly look at staffing profiles, behavioral modeling and lifestyles of all kinds of candidates in all industries.

Everything we do is designed to be better, different and more successful in helping you recruit and retain top talent. We look at the big picture and then provide you with solutions that are fresh, innovative and unique.

Our Services

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary Staffing & Contract Administration
  • Executive Search and Selection

With the changing business and technology trends, companies today seek the right talent, without increasing their recruitment costs.Temporary Staffing & Contract Administration is the key to their success. This latest trend allows organizations to maintain a rich talent pool for a limited duration as per the project requirements, without the hassle of legal litigations and HR ethics. With our strong and diversified talent pool, we provide companies an immediate resource for successfully fulfilling the demands of an ongoing assignment or a short term project.

Our Executive Search and Selection service is designed to discover strategic advisors possessing unique skills and qualifications to steer corporate leadership and governance in the right direction for our clients. We therefore engage seasoned recruitment consultants, who work with the greatest integrity to ensure highly suitable leadership solutions for your company.

Finding the right talent for an organization is a critical and challenging task. Permanent Recruitment solution is thus a great methodology to successfully fulfill the objective. Our recruitment specialists dedicate their efforts to interview and screen suitable candidates for the vacancy in your organization. But our responsibility does end there, we coordinate the entire interview process quick, easy recruitment.

Candidate Services

Discover the perfect job matching your competencies, with the help of headsnminds Consultants. When you connect with our seasoned recruiters, your skills and personality are assessed in great details, so as to find an environment that you will excel in.

What’s more, when you apply for a vacancy, we improve your chances of gaining employment with the organization by helping you prepare for the interview, as we render a detailed background of the hiring company.

Connect today with our recruiters to help you find your ideal job and put you in a position to succeed. Get Started Today By Viewing Our Job Openings!

Client Services

As the markets turn global, so do the recruitment challenges. We, at headsnminds Consultants work meticulously to keep up with these challenges; define and solve distinct staffing requirements for your organization. We thus allow you to focus on your core competencies; while we help you find the right set of talent pool.

How do we offer multiple options for the employer for outsourcing?

  • Direct Sourcing
    Hire the candidate directly on your pay roll as a full time employee.
  • Sub contracting
    Engage talented candidates for you or your customers through a sub-contracting model that allows you the flexibility to retain candidates only for the required duration.
  • Contract to Hire
    Engage the candidate as sub-contractor for a period of time.
    Transfer the candidate from the sub-contracting role to a full time employee on your payroll

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