About Headsnminds

Who are we?

We at headsnminds have a positive, personalized and strong team delicately working towards, Delivering, Managing, Supporting RPO Implementation for Investment Banks – Technology Captive in
The recruitment we Focus are from Developers to Sr. VP’s
The Domains we cater to are, Wealth Management, Cash Management, Fixed income, FOREX, Sales and Trading Equities Derivatives, Prime brokerage, Reference and Market data, Brokers incentives calculations, Retirement and Annuity, Institutional trading, collateral Management, Trade Finance...

headsnminds is an established company delivering recruitment Process Outsourcing Services of any complexity to clients globally. The Management team being in IT, Engineering, Banking. Finance, Media, .Com, Telecom, recruitment for over 10 years now. headsnminds has a strong team of experienced Recruiters and Sourcers. Our customers are companies of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. With the valuable experience we have gained over our years of interactions with some of the best organizations in their respective industries, we have developed cross-industry expertise - and we leverage on it to provide the most practical and result-oriented solutions to our clients.

headsnminds understands the growing need for Middle & Senior Management Professionals. It is managed by seasoned experts from the IT, Logistics, Finance industry who understand the evolving needs of the corporate and the psyche of candidates seeking new challenges.

headsnminds also offers Recruitment Outsourcing Service Solution, a complete outsourcing approach in which we take over full responsibility for managing the recruitment function, and executing all recruitment activities for the enterprise. Essentially headsnminds becomes the recruiting department for the client organization assuming full responsibility for strategy, operations and delivery - for managing the critical talent acquisition process.

How do we offer multiple options for the employer for outsourcing?

Direct Sourcing
Hire the candidate directly on your pay roll as a full time employee.
Payroll Management
We undertake end-to-end process for payroll management.

What is our core philosophy?

We don't attempt to fill jobs. We endeavour to add meaning to every individual's life.

What is our working style ?

Homework is an integral part of our core process. We listen very carefully to our business partner's needs and the potential candidate's desires. We network across markets to access the right talent. We believe in the power of counselling to ensure that most worthy candidate steps into the new shoes of responsibility.

How do we evaluate candidates?

Every candidate is evaluated not just on professional competence but also on softer skills like adaptability, versatility, working culture & style, values & belief systems, work & life balance, emotional compatibility and above all the individual's philosophy of life.

What is the spectrum of our services ?

We provide end to end solutions to each of our business partners starting from defining the right career profile to final placement. Our biggest delight is in ensuring a mutually rewarding long term relationship between our business partner and the potential candidate.

Our Customers Trust Us Because;

  • We provide an integrated and comprehensive talent management solution for crucial or senior job openings.
  • Our low turn around Time (TAT) has helped our clients close challenging requirements in a short time.
  • We work hard and often go out of the way to clinch the right candidates at the right time for crucial position.
  • Our commitment to excel and fulfill our customers unique and challenging requirements has earned us trust from our customers.

Specialization Specialists

Over the last 10 years, we have supplemented specializations to efficiently gratify the evolving staffing industry in India. Today, headsnminds is a reputed workforce solutions company that delivers staffing solutions: Permanent Recruitment, Temporary Staffing and Contract Administration across India and the globe.

Our focus is on building workforce solutions for specialized industry verticals: IT & Telecom, ITES, Banking, Engineering and Science.

Our Promise

headsnminds Consultants Private Limited through its unified blend of expertise and services will continue to provide brilliant, authentic and reliable staffing solutions to meet the unique needs of customers in their geographical areas.